Alternative Window Atelier Route

Dear Benoordenhout artists and art lovers,

Just like the teddy bears and rainbows which have appeared in people’s windows, the organizers of the annual Benoordenhout Open Atelier Days have decided to organize an alternative studio route in the period from May 9 – 17.  People will be able to wander throughout the neighborhood and view art exhibited in the windows, gardens or alternative sites.

The more people know that the art is exhibited, the more fun it will be. We are looking for as many communication options as possible to announce these exhibitions.
Artists can also still register themselves as an address where people can see their work.  There are several ways to do this:  via the Facebook pages Raam Atelierroute Benoordenhout, Mooi Benoordenhout or Benoordenhout What’s App or at One can upload a photo, a description of the work and if applicable a website address.

At a date nearer to May 9th, the various addresses will be put up on these sites as well.
Also, don’t forget to tell your friends and family about this initiative – both those living in Benoordenhout as those from other neighborhoods.

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