Calling all internationals

Rosarium Jozef Israelsplein

The Hague Bridge Survey

How can we make your stay in our neighborhood easier?  Do you want to feel more connected to the community?  Let us know your thoughts!

To enable us to better understand the needs of this diverse Benoordenhout community, representatives of the Haagse Hout District Office, the Voor Welzijn (Well-Being) Foundation, the Wijkvereniging Benoordenhout and Leiden University College, ask you to complete this short 10-minute survey.  It will help us to provide even more services and activities for Benoordenhout international residents and their families.  Use the QR code or the link to access the survey:

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact Jaap de Wit at  or Willeke Richel at

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