Expat Guide

Foto: 070fotograaf - Frank van der Leer

Benoordenhout is a neighbourhood with approximately 35% inhabitants originating from outside the Netherlands. The expatcommittee of the residents association – Wijkvereniging Benoordenhout – intends to build bridges between the local and foreign residents. The committee organizes all kind of activities ranging from business visits to lectures to walks. One of the activities is the making of the Guide to Benoordenhout containing all kinds of information in English for international residents.  This is the latest revision of the guide.



If you want to follow all the activities of the Resident Association please be aware of the fact that  top right on the website you can find a translate button.But why not also become a member of the residents association? For just € 12.50 per year, per family, you can support the important work that various committees perform in promoting the interests of the residents such as spatial planning, the environment, traffic and transportation issues and last but not least cultural events.


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