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Expat Committee Benoordenhout

The 'Benoordenhout' is a neighbourhood with more than 40% inhabitants originating from outside the Netherlands. 

The Expat Committee was set-up more than three years ago by the Residents Association of Benoordenhout. 

Its objectives are:
  • to improve the way in which expats are welcomed into the Benoordenhout; 
  • to strengthen the involvement of the expats in the Benoordenhout with their residential environment; 
  • to support the integration of expats with their fellow local residents by means of organizing excursions to businesses and organizations in the area, as well as bringing to the attention of expats local activities in our neighbourhood, such as Koninginnedag activities, the visit of Sinterklaas, concerts, etc. 
  • to provide information in English by means our bi-monthly neighbourhood magazine. 
  • to organize walks exploring the neighbourhood under the supervision of a architect, historian or botanist; 
You can support the work of the Expat Club Benoordenhout by joining in our activities and if you wish by becoming a member of the 'Wijkvereniging Benoordenhout' for only € 12,50 per year.

Become a member of the residents association Benoordenhout!

The residents association looks after the interests of the residents within the neighbourhood. This work is done by volunteers, however there are some expenses involved. It is important that the Association can act on behalf of the entire neighbourhood. Every member has the opportunity to contribute to the position papers of the various matters that are raised with different authorities, including the municipality.
The annual general meeting is also used as a forum, and written contributions and comments are always taken into consideration, they can be sent by mail. For email addresses see Contact.The residents association has various working groups and committees in which you can actively take part to serve the interests of you and other residents. This includes the newly formed Expat Group.

By becoming a member, you support the work of the association. Membership will only cost you € 12.50 annually.


The easiest is to pledge € 12.50 onto account number IBAN 34INGB0003804427 in the name of Wijkvereniging Benoordenhout in The Hague. Please state:' New Member' and your name and address.

You can also apply for your membership right here on our website, click here >
For further information, you can contact Mirjam Kroemer.

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